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British Leyland Pensions
Does anyone know the address for BLC pensions? my husband worked at BL and should have a pension from them, he`s due to retire next year so we wrote to a address we had in Nottingham but have so far not heard back from them, we have been in Australia for 24 years so are wondering if the address has changed? best wishes Sandie.
Hi Sandi I will ask hubby when he surfaces and get back to you I think he has the address [Smile]
Thanks so much for your replies Audrey and Dedrah, nice to be back, havent been on the computer much lately.
the people who deal with the pensions now are
Leyland Daf pension scheme
27 osprey court
Hawkfield business park
BS14 0BB
if they don't deal with the old Leyland pensions they should be able to tell you who does.
Sorry for the delay in answering I forgot to ask hubby earlier.
Many thanks Dedrah to you and your hubby we`ll get a letter off to them, did`nt realize we`d been in Oz so long LOL, guess I would even get lost in Leyland now.
Some of the geneology forums are interesting Audrey, would you believe it was a lady in California who found my grandparents marriage date and place when I could`nt find it myself.quote:

Originally posted by audpluswesties

Nice to see your name again Sandie, looks like the three of us could be busy with family trees before long [Smile]

Any one have any luck tracing pensions yet???
Maybe you should enquire at HR dept of Paccar Trucks Neil since they took over the business. I'm sure they must be able to help out.
I have always found that pensions like endowment mortgages aint worth the paper they are written on ! Prior to the early 80's may have been different but anything index linked , invested or the like after say 1980 and you can forget it !! [B)]
According to


Contact the Pension Tracing Service by phone

You can phone the Pension Tracing Service on:

Tel: 0845 6002 537 (lines are open 8.00 am to 6.00 pm)
Tel: +44 191 215 4491 (if you're dialling from overseas)
Textphone: 0845 3000 169
Contact the Pension Tracing Service by post

You can also trace your pension by writing to the Pension Tracing Service:

Pension Tracing Service
The Pension service
Tyneview Park
Whitley Road,
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1BA

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